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How Commercial Interior Differs from Home Interior ?

At Arteriors, the best office interior design and build Kochi, we will discuss what are those and what makes Arteriors the finest commercial interior designers which are in Kochi. There are some major things that you should know to differentiate commercial interior design from home interiors. The truth is, while both share design principles, their purposes, functionality, and aesthetic goals diverge significantly. Purpose and Functionality Commercial interior design, especially for offices, is driven by functionality and productivity. It is about creating spaces that facilitate work efficiency, collaboration, and workflow optimization. Contrastingly, home interiors prioritize comfort, personalization, and catering to individual lifestyles. The scale of projects in commercial interior design often tends to be larger and more structured. Designing an office space demands meticulous planning to accommodate various departments, meeting areas, and circulation paths. Home interiors, on the other hand, focus on creating cosy and intimate spaces customised to the needs and preferences...

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