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The Psychology of Color in Hospital Design

In the minds of society, Hospitals are perceived as sterile and daunting spaces. Nowadays these structures are undergoing transformations all over the world. Today, at Arteriors, we understand that the medical industry’s focus extends beyond providing medical excellence. They also try to encompass fostering a sense of well being and promote healing through thoughtful design. At Arteriors we are proud of being at the forefront of the transformation of hospitals into something that is more than just a place to seek health care. As being of the top form to provide interior fit out services Kerala Kochi, we know that in the wide range of design elements, colour plays a pivotal role. The Power of Color Psychology Colours are more than just visual elements in the design. They evoke emotions, influence moods, and even impact physiological responses in both humans and animals. Recognizing this powerful influence of colours, hospital interior fit outs...

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